GeoScience Analytical, Inc. has been sampling, testing and analyzing for Methane and other underground gases since 1981. We have been providing engineering services, analytical chemistry services, plnning and design to the Real Estate industry and Government. We own and operate drilling equipment, field testing instruments and City of Los Angeles stationary laboratories.

In addition our civil, chemical and environmental engineers provide a complete turnkey service from consulting through field testing, and ultimately reporting to government agencies. We also design and provide the construction necessary for methane mitigation and compliance with government regulations.


Effective March 29, 2004; the Los Angeles City Council passed one of the strictest Methane Mitigation Laws in United States history. Failing to comply with these strict measures can lead the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety to withhold permits on projects located in a Methane Zone or Methane Buffer Zone established under Sections 91.7101 of the Methane Mitigation Ordinance. Non-compliance with this code can cost constriction and project delays. GeoScience Analytical, Inc. provides its clients with methane testing mitigation services and other environmental expertise to comply with methane code requirements.


  • GeoScience routinely performs Phase 1 Environmental Audits within one week of client notification.
  • GeoScience is the owner of its own drill rig and maintains relationships with other third party drilling companies.
  • GeoScience is the owner of its own analytical laboratory certified by the City of Los Angeles and maintains relationships with analytical laboratories certified by agencies of the State of California.

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