GeoScience Analytical, Inc. was founded in 1981 as an environmental consulting and analytical testing laboratory specializing in the performance of Phase 1 historical site assessments and Phase 2 environmental audits. From 1981 to 1985 GSA additionally completed methane exploration surveys throughout all offshore Alaska Basins for consortiums of major international petroleum companies in conjunction with the leasing of land tracts. During this period, additional exploration programs were conducted in the North Sea, eastern Pacific Ocean, Trinidad, Fiji, California Federal and State waters and the Gulf of Mexico and Spain.

In 1985, with the methane explosion at the Ross Dress-4-Less store in the Salt Lake Oil Field of Los Angeles, GSA was selected by the State of California’s Dept. of Conservation to assess Southern California from Santa Barbara to south Orange County for the probability of similar methane occurrences. Subsequent to the completion of this investigation, GSA was retained as the methane gas expert for the Defendants in the litigation that followed the Ross explosion. During this same period, GSA continued to conduct Phase 1 and 2 environmental audits for lending institutions, governmental agencies and property owners.

From 1986, GSA assisted numerous Cities and Counties in establishing methane codes and soil clean-up standards. GSA staff served on Task Forces, Committees and Workshops entrusted with the codification of laws related to methane, hydrogen sulfide and other petroleum related contamination issues.

In 1989/90 GSA was retained to conduct a soil gas assessment for a property within the Los Angeles City oil field known as the Belmont Junior High School Site. Subsequently, GSA was retained as part of the Reiner Commission investigation to review all scientific data related to the Belmont Learning Complex site and determine cost estimates and mitigation measures recommended for the completion of the project.